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Welcome to The Persistent Entity!

The Persistent Entity is a collaborative knowledge building system modeled on the Wiki-Wiki collaborative information exchange platform, popularized by the Wikipedia online encylopedia. Through the work of interested folks (just like yourself) we hope to develop and expand knowledge and awareness of the important role our biochemical and genomic individuality can play in the understanding and evaluation of scientific information.


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"So, aside from a few rare abnormalities which from their very nature can never be of much use to us in anthropology, we must regretfully admit that the students of human heredity have so far not carried out a thoroughgoing job of identification of human genetic mechanisms, save in the case of the blood groups. It is not too difficult to understand why this should be true. Financial rewards for such work are almost nonexistent, and a knowledge of human heredity is a kind of knowledge which at present commands little respect. It is important to know how to manufacture plutonium, but nobody cares how your Great-uncle George got that extra toe."

---William Boyd, in "Genetics and The Races of Man", 1950