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  • Blood Type and the MicrobiomeOctober 8th, 2015

    More and more, we hear and read about the importance of the microbiome, the ecological community of friendly and unfriendly microorganisms that share our body space.

  • Blood Type Specific Pantry TipsOctober 7th, 2015

    The pantry holds the key to your success following the Blood Type Diet.

  • Exercise and Injury PreventionSeptember 29th, 2015

    Maimonides, the great Jewish physician and teacher, wrote, “As long as a person exercises and exerts himself…sickness does not befall him and his strength increases….

  • Dark chocolate protects DNA and the heartSeptember 26th, 2015

    Chocolate has long been known to be an important part of a healthy diet.

  • Listening to CravingsSeptember 24th, 2015

    We’ve all had them–the sudden desire for carbohydrates, sweets, fat, or all three. This can be especially difficult when starting out on The Blood Type Diet and introducing new foods to the body.