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The Datapunk DietBuddy is a unique, free-to-use app conceived and coded by Dr. Peter D'Adamo that allows you to track your adherence to any of the current D'Adamo Diet Systems (Blood Type Diet, GenoType Diet and SWAMI) using a simple and quick 'diet diary' input system. It also allows you to track simple health data, such as your weight and daily water consumption. Your compliance will be displayed as valuable feedback by a series of informative and visually beautiful infographic pages.

Datapunk DietBuddy also features a unique 'social' component, allowing you to communicate, encourage, and share data with friends. If you've used common social media programs, such as Facebook or Twitter, you'll find DietBuddy similarly easy and intuitive to use.

Datapunk DietBuddy only requires that you know your ABO Blood Type.

Signing up for DietBuddy is easy. Just read the terms and conditions, tick the 'I Agree' checkbox, and provide a valid email address. Then press the 'Join DietBuddy Button' and check your email inbox for a validation email. Click on the link in the email and we'll get you started. Your email will not shared, sold, or otherwise distributed.

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