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Blood Type Diet Food Values

As we release the 20th Anniversary Edition of Eat Right for Your Type, we wanted to review the food values and why these are a cornerstone of the Blood Type Diet. The key to the Blood Type Diet is knowing what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. Your Blood Type Diet works because you are able to follow a clear, logical, scientific dietary blueprint based on your cellular and genetic profile. There are twelve food groups, and each group is divided into three categories:

Highly Beneficial: Food that acts as a medicine. The Highly Beneficial foods advance your health or protect you from possible maladies. These foods are encouraged and should make up a good portion of your meal planning.

Neutral: Food that acts like a food. Neutral foods provide required macronutrients and caloric energy. Neutrals can be eaten freely, and they provide variety to your diet, as well as enjoying seasonal offerings.

Avoid: Food that acts like a poison. Avoid foods induce biological disorder or increase your chances of disease based on differences between the blood types. Foods that are Avoids should not be eaten, or their consumption should be minimized to lessen their negative health effects.

Twenty years later, the food values have remained a cornerstone of the Blood Type Diet. Through his continuing research, Dr. D’Adamo has further refined the food values, and longtime readers will notice differences in a small number of foods between the Anniversary edition and the original book. This is because Dr. D’Adamo has incorporated secretor values that he wrote about in Live Right for Your Type into updated food lists. The Anniversary edition uses the secretor values as the base values for the A, B, AB and O blood types.

Additionally, Dr. D’Adamo has introduced a food key that designates what foods enhance carbohydrate metabolism and encourage weight loss as well as foods that increase or decrease microbiome diversity. Here’s a sneak peak at the key, and you’ll notice these icons listed throughout the food lists in the new edition.

Blood Type Diet Food Key

These enhancements help to make the Blood Type Diet even more effective and targeted, harnessing the genetic powerhouse of blood type and the current research to impact your metabolism, immunity, digestive process and healthy aging.


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