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Interview with Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo & Catherine Whitney

As we planned for the release of the 20th Anniversary edition of Eat Right for Your Type, we had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Peter D’Adamo and Catherine Whitney to give us a glimpse of the behind the scenes of the writing of the original book and the 20 year odyssey they’ve shared as the world caught on to the personalized nutrition revolution and the Blood Type Diet.

Here’s an excerpt from their Q&A as well as links to the full interview and the audio podcast:

Question Twenty years ago, the niche market of personalized nutrition did not exist. How did the blood type diet change that?
Anwser Fundamentally, I believe it opened people’s eyes to the fact that genetics can have a very powerful influence on the health effects of the foods we eat. Nutrition thinking was still very much into the idea that there was ‘one perfect diet’ that would be supremely beneficial for everyone. We now know better. Sadly, many nutritionists still think this way.
Question Which blood type are you, and what are your favorite go-to meals?
Anwser I am a blood type A, and I follow a largely plant-based diet, with the occasional fish and poultry. I try to opt for a high-fiber breakfast, although I’ll have an egg if I think the extra protein is necessary. I enjoy soups and enjoy making them with unique combinations of ingredients. I make a terrific spelt pasta with garlic, oil, broccoli rabe and pecorino romano cheese. And when I am on the go, some peanut or almond butter on manna bread makes a great snack.


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