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Three Steps to Starting an Exercise Program

Starting an exercise program can be overwhelming. Knowing what type of exercise is right for your type helps to narrow down your workout options (O’s need vigorous exercise, while A’s feel best after centering-type workouts), it’s also important to exercise effectively.  Below are Dr. D’Adamo’s recommendations in three easy steps.

3 Steps to Effective Exercise

  1. Warm up with stretching and flexibility moves before you begin.
  2. To achieve maximum cardiovascular benefits, work toward an elevated heart rate that is about 70 percent of your capacity. Once you reach the elebated rate, continue exercising to maintain that rate for twenty to thirty minutes. To calculate your maximum heart rate and performance level;
    1. Subtract your age from 220
    2. Multiply the difference by .70 (or .60 if you are over age sixty). This is the high end of your performance.
    3. Multiply the remainder by .50 this is the low end of your performance.
  3. Finish each aerobic session with at least a five-minute cool down of stretching and relaxation moves.

Although we all have the best of intentions about exercise, it is easy for it to get postponed.  Try scheduling three work outs per week.  Add them to you calendar, just as you would a meeting or family commitment, as your health and well-being deserves your attention and commitment.


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