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A Weekly Exercise Program for the New Year


No matter how busy you are, you most likely have a few minutes in the morning before you start your day.  Instead of dragging yourself to the coffee machine, wake up your body with some gentle stretching.  As you end 2015 and begin to prepare for the new year, why not make some small adjustments in your life to feel better, more supple and vital?  Here’s our suggestions for a weekly exercise program for the new year, all targeted to help stretch and tone.   Take a few minutes to loosen up joints and get your blood flowing to your muscles with these stretching exercises.  Try one of these ideas every work day and see how much better you feel by Friday.

Monday – Is your lower back feeling tight? Try these three simple exercises for stretching out your lower back.  Repeat twice on each side.

Tuesday –  This 5 minute full body stretch feels great – do it while catching up on the morning news!

Wednesday –  It’s time to turn your workout up a notch with a 10 minute yoga routine that incorporates stretching with a few balance exercises.

Thursday – This morning it’s all about Pilates stretching.  You’ll love the upper back exercises – relieves the stress from working over a computer all day long.

Friday – At the end of the workweek it’s sometimes hard to get moving…but do it anyway.  This three-minute workout pumps you up with a little cardio to get you feeling energized.

Wouldn’t this be a great way to start the new year?  Get moving….


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