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As we head into fall, I would like to revisit the concept of cleaning out the clutter that accumulates in our lives in our homes, and our workplaces,  and extend it into the the area of our health and well-being. I am finding, particularly as I get older, that life flows when it is simple and uncomplicated. Now, don’t misunderstand me, each of our lives has a level of complexity that is uniquely our own. However, complexity doesn’t mean complicated, and having simplicity as our guiding rule can help us navigate a multitude of situations with ease and grace.

Take for instance the diet world. How more complicated can you get? One size fits all, paleo, vegan, diets for conditions, times in your lives, etc. What I love about the Blood Type Diet and the concept of personalized nutrition is that it is very straightforward, simple with an elegant platform of science underneath it, and it addresses who each of us is as an individual. In many ways it has simplified how we view ourselves and how we make our nutrition choices, and yet its impact goes beyond weight loss to improved health and vitality. This also holds true with our supplement choices. There are a lot of supplements out on the market, and it can be overwhelming to consider which ones are right for you. Using the concept of personalized supplementation allows you to weed through the clutter to find the products that are designed specifically for you.

As an O, I have my dedicated O products – Polyvite, Polyflora, Phytocal and Deflect. This is my core base of daily supplementation, and then I add on based on how I am feeling or what I am currently experiencing in my life or seasonal supplementation. In the spring, I generally add in Phloxicin and Connectivar, as I am out in the yard, working on the lawn, or like this year, cutting down all the broken limbs from winter storms! In the fall, I add in Proberry Caps and Ara-6, to begin to build my immune system up to meet the demands of seasonal viruses.  I also add in Catechol, as I anticipate the additional stressors of the approaching holiday season.  Keeping my supplements streamlined makes it easy for me to support my overall health while at the same time target a specific issue.

There’s a great quote from Henry David Thoreau, “Simplify, simplify.” How more simple can you get?  Think about how you might be able to simplify your life…is it decluttering your space, your diet, your thoughts? I invite you to join me and take the time to consider what this means to you and use the fall season to get back to what is essential in your life.

Image: Impression, Sunrise (Impression, soleil levant), 1872 by Claude Monet


Martha Mosko D'Adamo has been an avid follower of her Type O diet for over three decades. Her interests include Jungian psychology, exercise physiology, martial arts, creative writing and poetry. When not spending time with her husband, Peter, daughters, Claudia and Emily, and walking her two dogs, Wyatt and Charlie, Martha is the President/CEO of North American Pharmacal, Inc.

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