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Symptoms Related to Heavy Metal Toxicity

Have you ever heard of monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG?  Often it’s added to processed foods, and frequently used in Asian restaurants.  As a result of eating MSG, many people experience headaches as a result of the glutamate.  In small amounts, glutemate is a neurotransmitter. In large amounts, it’s a toxic by-product of brain metabolism.  The brain uses a very elaborate system to remove glutamate, but mercury, aluminum, and other toxins can easily damage the proteins the brain uses to do this, thus rendering the brain cells much more easily damaged.  People who experience headaches immediately upon ingesting even small amounts of MSG likely already have a buildup of glutamate – and quite possibly a heavy toxic load.

Following is a list of symptoms that may help practitioners detect heavy metal toxicity – do any describe you?

Symptoms Related to Heavy Metal Toxicity







Determining the levels of toxic metals in your body can be useful and may help to resolve health issues.



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