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Maximize Your Exercise Program

Exercise is a key lifestyle component of the Right for Your Type programs.  Developing a sustainable program is essential for your overall health and well being.  Research shows that exercise is not only good for building strong muscles and bones, it can help to alleviate stress, assist in maintaining emotional balance, and help to maintain a healthy brain! Below are tips for maximizing your workout so that all of you is feeling strong and nurtured.

If you’re easily bored, choose two or three different activities and vary your routine.

Don’t workout on an empty stomach – eat a light, energy boosting snack (not a full meal) before you begin.

Be sure to warm up with some stretching and flexibility moves.  Get your blood pumping with some simple, but effective moves such as jumping jacks or jump rope.

Bring a pal with you to the gym.  It’s more fun to exercise with a buddy.

If you’re using weights, don’t train to muscle failure.  Nice smooth repetitions in manageable sets work best.

Play some music! Research shows that people exercise longer and become less fatigued when listening to music to motivate them.

Don’t stress if you can’t get to the gym.  If you’ve had a crazy day and can’t possibly make time to squeeze in a workout, don’t beat yourself up.  Take a walk around the block, shoot some baskets with your children, jump rope…anything that gets you moving qualifies as exercise.




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