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5 Ways Exercise Makes You Happier

We know that exercise is good for our bodies, but it’s also good for the soul!  Below are five facts about exercise that demonstrate that it’s as good for your psyche as it is your physique.

1. People who exercise 30-60 minutes three to five times a week get mental health benefits according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, but even less can make you feel good – even short strolls have mood enhancing benefits.

2.  With a whopping one in every ten adults suffering from depression, it is becoming increasingly crucial to find ways to combat the disorder. Prescription medications can help treat depression, and in some severe cases may be necessary. However, for many people, exercising can mimic the same effects as these drugs. Individuals that exercise regularly can testament to the fact that days without some form of exercise usually make them feel down. Since exercise releases dopamine just like antidepressants do, it can help keep those blues away.

3. Individuals that suffer insomnia and other sleeping troubles may not be getting enough exercise. They simply are not moving around enough during their day to tire themselves out properly. Research has found that staying active on a routine basis is a tremendous treatment option for insomniacs. In addition, the quality of the person’s sleep improves drastically by decreasing the number of times they wake up during the night and allowing a deeper sleep state. Everyone is aware of how a lack of sleep can affect the body in a number of terrible ways; so, having the right amount of sleep will greatly improve happiness and overall quality of life.

4. Not only does exercise increase overall health, it also changes the individual’s appearance. Often, people become depressed because they are unhappy with how they look, have trouble fitting into clothes they once did, or are upset about their weight. Exercise takes away all of these issues by helping them achieve the appearance they desire, while increasing their strength and losing excess weight. People who exercise are more independent and have higher goals for themselves due to high levels of confidence. A stronger sense of accomplishment and self-worth works wonders on making them happier with the person they have become.

5. Exercise can build and improve your relationships! Couples who work out together report fewer divorces, a better sex life, and more connection.  Even single people say they feel better when they exercise with a friend.


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