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Lifestyle Strategies By Blood Type

As you already know, your blood type influences much more than just what type you would need in the event of a transfusion. From your digestive system to your ability to battle disease, your blood type has far-reaching consequences in your body.  Living your life in balance requires fine tuning your lifestyle strategies to be better in tune with your body.  Below are a few lifestyle tips for each of the four blood types:

Blood Type O

Develop a clear plan for goals and tasks to avoid impulsivity.

Do something physical when you are feeling anxious.

Engage in 45 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three times per week.

If you start to crave wheat products (bread, crackers, etc…) eat some protein, the craving will usually go away.

Blood Type A

Cultivate creativity and expression in your life.

Don’t eat when you’re nervous.

Keep a regular bedtime schedule.

Eat more protein at the start of the day, less at your evening meal.

Blood Type B

Visualization is a powerful tool for Type Bs.  If you can visualize it you can achieve it.

Find healthy ways to express your nonconformist side.

Reduce carbohydrate cravings by eating six small meals per day.

Get eight hours of sleep every night.

Blood Type AB

Cultivate your social nature in welcoming environments.  Avoid highly competitive situations.

Avoid fixating on issues, especially those you can’t control or influence.

Avoid alcohol and other stimulants.

Eat a balanced breakfast with more protein-containing foods.


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