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Suzanne Graham

Organic at the Farmer’s Market

I went to our local Farmer’s Market over the weekend. I’ve been craving kohlrabi, and the Farmer’s Market is the only place I can buy it. I found purple kohlrabi, and have been enjoying Kohl slaw all week.

I also bought Swiss chard. One of the venders must have had a surplus because the price was competitive with grocery store prices. Hurrah for supply & demand!

Every time I read about organic produce, I want to go organic. Then I go to the store, look at the prices, and back off. I would gladly pay a little more for organic. But when the price is two or three times as much, I have to evaluate whether the benefit is worth it. Being on a fixed income, the answer is usually no.

I wanted to buy carrots, but the best price I could find at the Farmer’s Market was $3 a pound. I picked them up and put them down. I couldn’t pay that much. The same with lettuce – a tiny head of Romaine was double the cost my grocery store charges for a large head.

My grocery store carries large beets – 4 inches or more in diameter. They take 45 minutes to cook in the pressure cooker. Then they have to cool down enough for me to peel them without burning my fingers. I can’t spontaneously decide to serve beets, I have to plan ahead and cook them early in the day.

The Farmer’s Market had a bin of organic beets that were about two inches in diameter. The price was reasonable, so I bought them. Oh they were wonderful. They cooked fast. They peeled easily. They were tender and delicious served with ghee and ginger.

I’m not sure whether they were exceptionally good because they were small or because they were organic, but I think it’s worth paying a little more for organic beets at the Farmer’s Market.


Suzanne Graham is a type O married to a type A husband. Our type O son is in grad school as a first year physical therapy student. Our type A daughter just graduated from high school and is getting ready to go off to college. Each of us has different diet and health issues. One of the most popular bloggers on www.dadamo.com, Suzanne's blog can be read here.


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