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GenoType Activators Explained!

colicci By: Dr. Natalie Colicci

At the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine at the University of Bridgeport, the physicians focus on individualized nutrition specifically geared toward disease prevention. By determining your GenoType, we are able to identify possible physiological patterns and imbalances to offset the potential of disease manifestation. What does that have to do with cardiovascular health? Imbalances in one part of the body start a domino effect and begin to affect all others!

A genetic propensity towards inefficiency in modulating stress hormones can cause high blood pressure. Insufficient digestion can lead to malabsorption of nutrients and even cause systemic inflammation in the body both of which can encourage damage to delicate arteries leading to plaque formation and clots as well as put strain on the heart. A thrifty metabolism tending towards difficultly in losing weight and obesity is one of the major causes of cardiovascular diseases. Lastly, we can’t forget about that genetic tendency which correlates to your blood type!

By determining your GenoType, you can begin to address cardiovascular concerns or the potential there by strengthening your genetics weakness, and using your strengths to you advantage! The GenoType Activators were designed to support the body in doing just that.

Teacher Activator is designed to provide nutritional support for the optimization of DNA methylation; the enhancement of proper microbial balance in the digestive tract; and the encouragement of proper cell respiration aerobic glycolysis versus anerobic glycolysis, in keeping with the “Warburg Hypothesis” approach to cancer prevention

Hunter Activator is designed to offset the catabolic (cellular breakdown) tendencies that can cause many of the common health problems seen in the Hunter GenoType. These catabolic waste products are often the result of insufficient cellular detoxification (ubiquinylation), a common tendency in Hunters which feeds there tendency toward inflammation.

Gatherer Activator and Warrior Activator are rich in herbs, amino acids and bioflavonoids which minimize tissue glycation and healthy blood sugar control. It is also designed to support healthy metabolism in these thrifty Genotypes.

Explorer Activator is rich in amino sugars, which minimize the effects of dietary lectins on the liver and immune system, and traditional herb medicine, while protecting the liver form harmful byproducts of the detoxification process which can cause havoc on all body systems.

Nomad Activator was designed to enhance healthy nitric oxide function and promote proper resistance and immunity, as well as support the relaxation of blood vessels.

The GenoType Activators are used with our patients to jump start balancing the strengths and weaknesses of the GenoTypes. To read more about this I encourage you read about the individual GenoTypes here on the official www.4yourtype.com site and Dr. D’Adamo latest book, The GenoType Diet: Change Your Genetic Destiny to live the longest, fullest and healthiest life possible (Hardcover – Dec 26, 2007).


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