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Success Story: Louise Brown

“I am now 59 years old and feel like I’m 20…or younger,” enthused Louise Brown after losing 45 pounds by following the Blood Type Diet for Type O. Brown weighed 180 pounds and suffered from frequent headaches, water retention, frequent urinary pain, and stiffness in her feet, hips and knees, and arthritis in her thumb joints. Additionally, her cholesterol levels were high and her doctor was considering putting her on more medication, “I was already on medication for hypertension—a condition I have had since I was 23 years old.” Although that’s young for hypertension, Brown says that she was just, “one of those unexplained cases,” and put on medication for life. She began her Blood Type Diet journey after seeing a photo of her at a relative’s birthday party in June, 2011. She said that photo was the tipping point, “That was the first time my brain acknowledged I was puffed like a balloon,” Brown says. Desperate to find a solution to her weight problem, Brown turned to NutriSystem, a program which provided her with packaged “diet” meals.

“I was starting to lose weight, but the portions were tiny and the menu was filled with chemicals, nitrites and preservatives, including sulfites which will possibly kill me if I ingest them. I had to read every ingredient online before choosing any items,” Brown says. Although she did lose weight, she started gaining it back as soon as she stopped eating their food. Realizing that this was not going to be a healthy or long-term solution to her problem, Brown remembered a book that she had purchased a number of years ago, but never really tried it—that book was Eat Right for Your Type.

After eliminating her avoids and focusing on beneficial foods, Brown says that she immediately realized that she felt better. “I had more energy, my arthritis in my thumb joints left, my pain in my feet, knees and hips went away, I was losing weight easily with no effort. I learned from the book that eating without considering my blood type was making my body act like it was in ‘protective mode,’ retaining water to protect my organs and body from the damaging foods I was eating and drinking,” she explains.

“I’ve found this way of eating to be so easy,” exclaims Brown, “It’s simply a matter of replacing ingredients with those that are acceptable to my blood type. I now use alternative flours, instead of using wheat or gluten-containing flours. If I want pasta, I cook pastas made of brown rice or spinach and rice. If I want pizza, I buy a rice crust and make my own using fresh ingredients!”

Shopping is also much easier for her. Brown says that she focuses on purchasing foods on her super-beneficial list and that narrows things down for her. She’s even discovered new favorites, such as kale, and has found numerous sources for high quality grass-fed, organic meats without nitrates, hormones or antibiotics.

While the weight loss has been great, Brown’s overall health has improved significantly as well. “I am no longer on meds. My doctor has taken me off prescriptions because after daily blood pressure monitoring and eating according to my Type O blood type, my blood pressure is staying nice and low on its own,” she explains. In fact, at her last physical her cholesterol levels were normal, and her good cholesterol was very high! “Now all my friends have seen this and become believers. When they mention that they would like to eat better, I go to Amazon and gift them the book! Health is a wonderful gift to share,” Brown says.

*Weight loss varies by individual. Each person will achieve greater or lesser results.  Always consult with your health care provider before starting any new diet or supplement.

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