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Prevent Bloating in 5 Easy Steps

Nobody likes to feel bloated.  Reduce the likelihood of feeling like a balloon with these easy tips:

1. Follow your blood type diet – Eating the right foods reduces the chances that your digestive system will rebel!

2. Stay away from carbonated beverages – Tiny bubbles can cause big problems in your gut.  Instead of a carbonated beverage sip herbal teas (ginger is particularly good for gassy tummies).

3. Avoid artificial sweeteners – These troublemakers lurk in everything from chewing gum to fruit juice!

4. Rinse your beans – Canned beans can make you gassy but draining them and rinsing the beans really well removes the starches that can cause bloating.

5. Drink lots of water – It may seem counter-intuitive, but drinking lots of water cleanses your system and removes excess water and toxins.

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