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Positive Changes At Sea Island

Some missionary friends are in the United States for a holiday with their family at Christmas. We have been good friends for nearly 40 years, so when they asked if we could meet for dinner, we cancelled other things on the calendar and eagerly agreed to meet them.

They selected a restaurant in San Antonio called Sea Island Shrimp House as a place about half way between our locations. I’ll admit that my face fell when they selected that restaurant. I first ate there about 30 years ago. The menu at that time was fried fish, fried shrimp, and French fries. There is little worse for a health food nut, like me, to face in a restaurant than fried, fried, and more fried.  About 10 years ago, we were invited to the same restaurant again, but this time, I ate a snack before I went, anticipating all of the fried food. Surprise! Salad was added to the menu.

I entered the restaurant last night, expecting to eat a nice seafood salad. Surprise again! They now have broiled fish and several alternate vegetables including green beans and spinach. I had a lovely meal of white fish with vegetables. One of our friends is gluten free. It turns out that they had never eaten at Sea Island, they were trusting the recommendation of someone else. When I told her what the restaurant used to be, her eyes grew big. She had rainbow trout with rice pilaf and spinach.

Kudos to Sea Island for their new, healthy menu. As we looked around the restaurant, more than half of the patrons were eating fried fish and French fries. That’s ok. This is a free country! I know that when I eat there, I can get a healthy meal. I expect that we will eat there more often when we are in the San Antonio area.


Suzanne Graham is a type O married to a type A husband. Our type O son is in grad school as a first year physical therapy student. Our type A daughter just graduated from high school and is getting ready to go off to college. Each of us has different diet and health issues. One of the most popular bloggers on www.dadamo.com, Suzanne's blog can be read here.


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