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My Insomnia Is Gone! One Man’s Blood Type Diet Success Story

Eric shares his success on the Blood Type Diet! He reports a leaner physique, more energy, clear skin, shiny hair, and best of all, the insomnia that he’s suffered from for several years has disappeared.  Read on…

I despise the whole idea of a “fad diet”, and I must confess that – prior to trying this one out for myself – I had placed D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet into that very category. Most of mainstream medical science scoffs at the very theory behind his work. To make matters worse, many of my trusted holistic “mentors” don’t seem to care much for him either. So why should you care… because IT WORKS! At least… it worked for me.

Many of the people who take issue with Dr. D’Adamo’s methods fail to cite any proven negative results of following his diet. They can only bash his theories… and that’s with more theories of their own. At the end of the day, my only question is, Does it work?” When making a substantial dietary change of any kind, I simply observe 3 things:

1) My energy levels: Do I feel energized or drained as a result of the diet? How am I sleeping? Am I more or less alert?

2) My SKIN: Your skin is the largest eliminator of waste. If things ain’t workin right on the inside, then you can believe it will show on the outside in the form of breakouts, puffiness, and dullness. If I’m testing a dietary change long enough, I’ll even observe my hairgrowth. Eating better, long term, always makes your hair grow better. And, usually, other people will notice before you do.

3) DIGESTION: Does the dietary change result in upset stomach. Frequent upset stomach may not necessarily mean that your entire diet is bad, but it is a strong indication that your diet is missing something (usually enzymes, fermented, and/or raw foods). Or… it can be that you’ve introduced a food that is wreaking havoc on your digestive processes.

A lot of us have learned to accept bad skin, fatigue, head aches, stomach aches, and other random pains as natural. But it doesn’t have to be so.

By simply removing fast food and switching to a diet full of more nutrient dense cooked and raw whole foods, I was able to make substantial gains in my health – cured my acne and my allergies. That extra bit of leanness still eluded me, though. And I was still suffering from chronic insomnia (a major problem of mine for YEARS).

My benefits from Dr. Dadamo’s Blood Type Diet:

1) Got leaner, in a healthy looking way.

2) My skin is even clearer and my hair is all shiny.

3) MY INSOMNIA IS GONE!!!!! … This is the biggest bonus for me. NOTHING else has worked in the past. Yet, ever since I’ve implemented Dr. D’Adamo’s rules for my blood type (abstaining from the “avoids” and eating lots of the “beneficial” for Type O), I can sleep at night.

I give it my endorsement! If you’re curious, give it a try.


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