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Is Your Food Clean?

A growing number of Americans are becoming more aware and concerned about what they are putting into their bodies and demanding “clean” food. These people are not referring to how much dirt is on their produce, but rather the state of the food that they are consuming. This is not a new concept, in fact, it’s more of a retro, “back-to-basics,” lifestyle choice that most Blood Type and GenoType Dieters have been embracing for years.

Clean eating refers to something that is beyond organic and sets a new standard for purity. The movement calls for avoiding foods that contain artificial preservatives, coloring, trans fats, synthetic pesticides, fungicides, ripening agents, fumigants, drug residues and growth hormones. The focus is on grass fed beef, and antibiotic free/free range chicken, wild caught fish, whole grains and fruits and vegetables that are not only grown organically, but picked at eaten at the peak of freshness when flavor and nutrients are at their best. Probably all things you are already doing if you are eating Right for Your Type!

In addition to better health, more people have been turning to clean foods due to the recent breakouts of e coli bacteria in our food supply. From spinach to peanuts to cookie dough, many products have been re-called because of this illness inducing bacteria. Yet others are doing it for environmental reasons or to feel a connection between the land water, air and life.

Clean eating is not complicated or expensive. In fact, it is often cheaper to buy clean foods than pre-packaged, processed foods. It just involves a bit more label reading, kitchen planning and cooking – but your health is worth it.


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