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Yummy Tofu for the Tofu Hater

santeBy: Sante

On a current Forum thread, a poster despairs about making tofu palatable for her Blood Type A husband. I didn’t want to derail that thread, but I do want to share my tips for finding and making tofu palatable for those who aren’t necessarily thrilled to find it on the beneficial list!  Below are my suggestions:

1. Pay attention to brand. Different brands can have very different tastes.

2. Some brands have “flavored” (i.e., pre-marinated) varieties. These might actually be delicious. Taste test various brands, you could find one you use all the time!

3. With tofu: Density is an important factor. There is “firm” tofu, there is “silky” tofu – find the texture that is the most pleasing to your palate and works with your recipes.

4. You’ve got to express its water before you cook it. In the package, it is soaking in liquid, and you have to press this out.  To do this, put the block of tofu on a plate, then cover it with another plate, and put a weight on that upper plate. Periodically pour off the liquid that has come out, until no more water is expressed. Now you can work with the tofu.

5. Frying and baking are the methods that I find most successful with someone who “doesn’t like” tofu. You want to saute the tofu to give it a little crust that will contrast with the inner soft chewiness.

6. Tofu will absorb and nicely reflect the flavors you cook with it, so choose your oil and other ingredients carefully.


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