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Personalized Nutrition Around the Globe: Chile

Andrea Chicurel Correa, MIfHI runs a nutrition clinic in Santiago, Chile where she recommends nutritional protocols recommended in the Eat Right 4 Your Type and the GenoType Diet.  The following is a Q&A with Andrea about her background and work with Dr. D’Adamo’s personalized nutritional programs.

Q: What is your educational background?

A: I have a degree in Biochemistry (Molecular Biology) from Catholic University in Chile. I also did some work towards a Masters degree in Nutrition at the same University. I am proud to be certified as a Master of the Institute of Human Individuality.

 Q: How did you learn about Dr. D’Adamo’s work? What did you think about it when you first heard his theories?

A: I always wanted to be a medical doctor, but I had several health problems and traditional medicine and drugs didn´t work. In my country, it is not possible to study naturopathy, so I decided to learn the basic science in biochemistry while I made several changes in my diet to find a path to better health. When I finished my biochemist career, I thought, science is good but I want something more practical. I studied and I used several diets, but they did not always work and not with everyone. After 16 years learning different things, I was looking for another book and I found, “Eat right 4 Your Type” and I bought it. As I started reading it, I discovered that it was the missing piece of the big puzzle. I started to use it in some people and it worked! I went to IfHI seminars in 2007 and 2009 and it makes the difference. I learn a lot and I use it every day with all my patients.

 Q: When did you set up your practice? What types of patients do you see (chronic illness, weight loss, etc.)?

A: With the BTD I started in 2006 and all the patients came by word-of-mouth. Most of them come to lose weight, but others came looking for a new point of view to their health problems. I have a clinic where I have four nutritionists that work with me, and we have a little lab where we do the secretor tests. Now we see more than 200 new patients each month!

Q: How do your patients react when you explain the concept to them, and are they excited when they have results? Can you give an example? 

A: Because most of our patients come by word-of-mouth, they know that the GenoType Diet works from others. Some patients do not like what we say, but most do. And I don´t say that this is magic and I have all the answers, but we tell them to try it for a while. When they change their diets, they feel the difference, and nobody can tell them that it is wrong.

Q: Why do you like using the GenoType/Blood Type in your practice? 

A: Because of the results, of course. I been using the GenoType diet for 18 months and I am still learning. To me, it is the most amazing information in nutrition that I ever learned. One interesting thing is that Dr. D’Adamo is teaching something that science is still studying – I hope it will be the future in medicine. You just have to know your blood type and some measurements and you can change your life. Every day, I thank God for the day I had the book in my hands, and of course, Dr D’Adamo who wrote it.

Q: Can you share some of your success stories?

We have some fantastic stories!

A 36 years old man that came to lose weight but he had severe gout. He tried to lose weight with the traditional information, namely without red meat, sea foods and all the foods with high uric acid. Twice, he tried to diet with classical nutritionists and doctors but had to end after 10 days having a gout attack in which he had used more than 20 colchicine pills to stop the pain. When he came to our clinic, we discovered that he is a Hunter. I recommended that he stop consuming the offending foods, but without introducing red meat for the moment, rather just poultry and fish. After 2 weeks I called him, because I didn´t have any calls from him and I was very afraid of the results and his health. He was great and still now, afer 2 years he is very good, eating red meat, sea foods, and he lost 33 pounds!

A 27 year old woman came to have some nutritional counseling because she heard about the relation between nutrition and fertility. She spent 7 years trying to get pregnant without success. She was on a weight loss diet eating meats and salads, no carbs and a lot of dairy. When I evaluated her, I found that she needs to be vegetarian (type A) and I told her to change her diet. She was very grateful, because she liked being vegetarian and she didn´t want to eat meat. Subsequently, she became pregnant the next month and now she has two beautiful boys.

A 30 year old woman came to lose weight. She was obese – weighting 241 pounds. When I evaluated I discovered that she tried to eat less to survive and she is a Gatherer! She began to eat the right foods and she lost 60 fat pounds.

We have more than 5000 success stories.

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