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Kim Cattrall Reveals Blood Type Diet Plan

Actress Kim Cattrall revealed that she turned to the Blood Type Diet to shed the pounds after filming the movie, “Meet Monica Velour”. The 50-something year-old actress had to gain weight for her role as an ageing adult film star, and admitted that losing the 20lbs was not an easy task.

She told Access Hollywood, “I found it so easy to put it on and so terribly hard to take it off… Eat Right for Your Type  is a great diet and I’ve used that before.”

Cattrall, like many women have difficulty losing weight in mid-life when changing hormones and a slowing metabolism converge.  But there is something that is proven to work – Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s “The Blood Type Diet”.

The program works so well for Cattrall because it allowed her to eat the foods she enjoyed.  “I’m the kind of dieter, I can’t have a little tiny bit of it because I want it all, so it is all or nothing… So that diet was great.”

And the outcome?  “It was painstaking – exercising a lot and being on the diet and not snacking. My appetite did shrink and I did lose the weight,” Cattrall said.

Originally published in monstersandcritics.comMay 2011



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