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Ask Dr. D’Adamo: Why are there inconsistencies in the books?


Q: There are inconsistencies between the different books. Why?

A: The different books are in different stages of upgrade or complexity. For example: First book (Eat Right 4 Your Type) was a basic synthesis of the concept. It had to make some judgements regarding homogenizing information if it was secretor status specific. If a food was deemed a more serious avoid for a non secretor than it might be as a neutral or beneficial for a secretor, then the non-secretor value was used. The Second Book (Live Right 4 Your Type) had secretor status differences and a very small number of food value changes, reflecting the advances in basic scientific knowledge. The ‘little books’ (Food and Beverage Guides) Are a mass market book, very simplified, with largely just secretor guidelines and with a few of the altered values included.

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