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Success Story: Nancy Kuhn

2011_Ann By: Ann Quasarano

D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition Customer Service Team Leader, Nancy Kuhn was one of the first people to get a glimpse of The GenoType Diet. “I received a rough draft of the manuscript before the book was released– what a thrill! I’m a Nomad; I wasn’t surprised. The term “Nomad” had frequently been used throughout the blood type books to describe blood type B, so it came naturally to me. I just happened to be one of those Nomads with red hair and green eyes, so everything seemed to fit me to a tee.”

Nancy said she had tried other diets, but it wasn’t until began eating right for her type that the weight came off – and stayed off – but she credits The GenoType Diet with her real weight loss success. Nancy has been following the GenoType diet for several years and has lost 40 pounds just by following the dietary recommendations for Nomads. “It was an easy transition,” she says, “This book taught me so much about myself and went way beyond blood type. It gave me insight into things I could never quite put my finger on – all became so clear.”

When asked about what other changes she’s experienced, she remarked that her health, energy and overall vitality have vastly improved. Nancy’s exercise program includes Yoga, which Dr. D’Adamo recommends for Nomads. She is also an avid gardener which she finds very calming and meditative. “I love growing flowers – it’s so amazing. There is no technology in my garden, no computers, no e-mail, no ringing cell phones. It’s a great escape.”

Her diet consists of what she refers to as her “Diamond Foods” – those super foods listed in The GenoType Diet that promote weight loss. Coincidentally, these are some of her favorite foods! When asked which foods she misses that she can no longer have, her reply was simple, “Milk.” She keeps her calcium intake high by using the Right for Your Type line of vitamins and minerals “I never go with out them, they are absolutely amazing – there is nothing like these formulas anywhere else.”

Nancy has been encouraging her friends and family to switch over to the Blood Type and GenoType lifestyle, “Slowly but surely.” she says “I’m getting the whole gang on the plan. They love it too.”

She enjoys being an advocate for Dr. D’Adamo’s work and spreading the word. “I’m looking forward to the whole world waking up one of these days and saying…wow…the truth was right in front of us the whole time!”

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