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Recipe for a Strong Immune System

2011_Ann By: Ann Quasarano

As the autumn days become cool and crisp, it reminds us that we need to step up our immune boosting protocol and get our bodies into “fight mode.” Soon cold and flu season will be upon us and by taking a few preventive measures we will reduce our chances of catching those nasty winter bugs.

  • We all know that immunity begins in our gut. By eating foods that are right for your type, you are taking the most important step to staying healthy. Step up your consumption of beneficial foods and remove any avoids from your diet.
  • Stress lowers immunity. We can’t completely avoid stress, but take a few moments to slow down – find 10 minutes a day to just sit and close your eyes, do some deep breathing or meditation.
  • Exercise boosts immunity! Find an exercise that is right for you and stick with it. I love going for a brisk walk in the cool fall evenings as the sun is setting, it’s a great way to wind down the day and enjoy the beauty of the season.
  • Avoid refined sugars and saturated fats. Although you may be eating right for your type, sometimes these find a way of sneaking into our diet – be vigilant.
  • Take a quality vitamin and multimineral supplement and a proven immune-enhancing product like ARA or ProBerry.
  • Follow good cough/sneeze etiquette. Wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching your face.

Your immune system, when working properly, has a remarkable ability to fight off the flu and colds. Even if an infection does gain a foothold, it’s usually just a matter of time before your immune system mounts an effective counter attack!

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