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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Honoring Our Own

2011_AnnBy Ann Quasarano 

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we would like to acknowledge two members of our NAP staff who are breast cancer survivors, Gwen Gilchrist and Carol Agostino.

If you’ve called our customer service line, you’ve probably heard Gwen’s lovely South African accent and been the recipient of her sage advice and in-depth knowledge of our products. Gwen has been cancer free for over nine years and has been following the Type A Blood Type Diet for several years and has now transitioned to the Teacher GenoType diet. “A friend in South Africa told me about the book two years after I had breast cancer. I bought it and it made sense, so I followed it about 60%. Six years ago I immigrated to the USA and came to work for North American Pharmacal as a Customer Service Representative. The more I read and the more I spoke to customers and heard about their remarkable successes, the more convinced and committed I became to following the A non-secretor diet.” She attributes her good health and energy to following the diet about 95%. She feels that knowing her blood type and Teacher GenoType has given her better insight into her health. “With 9 whorls, cancer was in the cards, I also have a family history of heart disease, so it was further motivation to follow the diet, which is now a way of life.”

Carol Agostino, our General Manager, has been cancer free for three and a half years. After her diagnosis, Carol worked with a team of specialists, including Dr. D’Adamo, to determine a course of treatment that would treat the cancer as aggressively as possible. “In my visits with Dr. D’Adamo, I learned how much greater my cancer risks are, being Blood Type A. I immediately began comparing what I ate to the foods listed in Eat Right 4 Your Type. I avoided the ‘avoid’ foods and focused on the beneficials for my type. I also began a blood type specific supplement regimen that I continue to this day.” She does feel that the Blood Type Diet and supplements helped her go into her treatments stronger, “Although there was no way to make Chemotherapy a walk-in-the-park, I do believe that I went into my treatments stronger and healthier than I had ever been. I continue to monitor what I eat and truly believe I will remain cancer free for the rest of my life.”

These are just two examples of the millions of women who have bravely fought this battle. You probably know someone; a friend, a family member, a co-worker, who has been touched by this disease. The good news is that there is something you can do. Knowing your blood type and following the Blood Type Diet, or the GenoType Diet, performing monthly self-examinations, and getting an annual mammogram are essential. Early detection is crucial to treatment and survival. Don’t ignore a lump or bruise, don’t explain it away because you might be afraid of the diagnosis, there is hope and recovery and these strong and beautiful women are living proof.

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