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Blood Type and Stress – Type A Triggers

andrea By Andrea Cayea 

Recently I received a call from a skeptical blood type A friend. She had been visiting the Museum of Natural History in New York City with her children when she became overwhelmed by a swarm of people and had to move to a more open area. Then she remembered having read on my Facebook page some information about A’s and how they do not do well in crowds. Although she connected with this bit of information it has not been enough to get her to actually try the A diet. Baby steps I guess.

I remember reading Eat Right For Your Type when first published and seeing Dr. D’Adamo’s list of blood type stressors.  At the time, I didn’t really give them much thought, but now as I examine them further I find they are very accurate. Where he digs all this good stuff up from amazes me!

Here are some Type A stressors I recently encountered in my life.

Crowds of people — My daughter’s college graduation was a day of long ceremonies amplified by large crowds of people. Although I sat the whole time, I felt exhausted from just being in a mass of humanity. At the end of the day I just wanted to go home, sit on my couch, and have a cup of tea.

Loud noise — I am definitely sensitive to noise. Noise that will not bother my O husband will drive me crazy! When we first moved into our home we had a teenage neighbor who played music a few decibels too loud. The music would come through the wall of my bedroom and I remember lying in bed, getting more and more irritated, while Rip Van Winkle lying next to me contentedly sawed wood. Ooh, he can make me jealous sometimes. I can’t stay mad at him however, because with his installation of new windows and a white noise machine to drown out any extraneous noise I currently sleep fairly well. Now, if only I could stifle his snoring…

Negative Emotions — This is one of those situations I don’t realize I’m experiencing until I am in the midst of it. Sometimes the negativity comes from within me, while at other times it may come from an irksome relationship. I notice it often occurs when I am fatigued or after conversations that focus on people’s problems rather than the joy in their lives.

Smoking and strong smells or perfumes — A few weeks ago my husband and I attended a concert. Good music, good company; it would have been a great evening had it not been for the people seated in front of us. They were smokers. The smell of the cigarettes permeated their clothes and the air around them. I could not focus on the music, all I kept thinking about was the smell. Every time it crossed my nose I could feel my blood pressure rise. I get this same reaction when I encounter heady perfume or any strong aroma I can’t get away from. Whether I’m at a concert, movie, or in church, odors make me stressed.

Violent TV and movies — Ok, so I watch America’s Most Wanted every once in a while. No one else in my family will watch it with me. The violence and the criminals in it are real, which makes it even scarier. While I watch it I feel my heart pound in my chest and I feel unsafe in my own home (thankfully I have a yappy little dog who’s not afraid of any intruder). I then have trouble falling asleep and often will be haunted by an episode all week-long.

Extreme weather conditions (hot or cold) — I tell my husband often that I would be very happy to live in a warm climate. I would not miss the snow and ice that accompanies winter in the northeast and I love when I come home to a fire burning in our wood-stove. As a child I remember feeling too cold to get out of bed in the morning and ice on my windows, these where the days of the energy crisis when thermostats where turned down to 60 degrees. I used to put my clothes inside my bed to warm them up before I got dressed.

Not only has this work helped my with my diet but it also has helped me know myself better. When my husband and I go out, he knows that if I smell cigarette smoke we will need to move our seats or that when I say it is time to go home it is because I am beginning to get stressed. This has translated into greater self-awareness and confidence. I encourage you all to embrace who you are, according to your blood type.

What are your stress triggers?  Do they correspond to your blood type?



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