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Why You Matter


By Martha D’Adamo

Over the past few weeks I have had numerous conversations with people about diet and nutrition as well as the search to find authentic expression in their lives. I believe that underlying each of these areas is the need to fully express ourselves in everything that we do. The question that arises is “Which comes first? The chicken or egg?” (And if you are a B or an AB, a bigger question arises!)

The answer, I believe, is neither. Life is not a series of sequential decisions. It is comprised of simultaneous events and parallel learning opportunities and experiences. These experiences are mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, and each area contributes to the other as we grow and evolve as human beings. The noted psychologist, Carl Jung, researched and taught that the goal of life is individuation, which is the realization of our own unique individual potential and the expression of it in the world. This potential can be expressed in our professional calling, our personal relationships and relatedness, and in our physical being.

At  D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition, our work is dedicated to your health and well- being and to what makes you unique as an individual. There’s no one size fits all plan that effectively addresses your physical uniqueness, and the concepts of blood type and genotype offer a blueprint for not only what makes you who you are but also a road map to where you are going. I have found this personally liberating, as I felt released from the fear I carried about the physical inheritance of my family. Through diet and exercise, I’ve been able to support healthy cardiovascular function, manage mid-life weight gain, and provide additional nutritional support during stressful circumstances.

Life is not a series of sequential decisions. It is comprised of simultaneous events and parallel learning opportunities and experiences.

What I’ve found even more interesting is that the more I follow my Hunter/O program, the more access I have to who I really am versus who I think I am supposed to be. It’s as if once you touch your authentic self, there’s no turning back…  just towards the continual unfolding of unexpressed potential, and it brings excitement to this journey called life.

I value the great treasure trove of resources available to me and that you can be using in your own journey. First of all, Eat Right 4 Your Type and Change Your Genetic Destiny are invaluable as reference sources. The website www.dadamo.com is filled with great information. Typebase4 is a fantastic resource for checking out food values. The BTD forums provide a strong sense of community and support, and the archives have answers to at least 95% of the questions that people have about the program,food values, getting started, and figuring out how all of this works.

Recently, Peter launched a new blog, n=1. Fascinating reading,and it details new developments and discoveries in the rapidly evolving fieldof genetic medicine, nutrition, complexity theory andpopular culture. And don’t forget www.4yourtype.com, the product website that is filled with great information about our products and how they can support your efforts in achieving optimum health!

The big work in our lives is to become fully and completely who we are. It is an exciting process, and I am grateful that we get to share this with each other.

Image: Vincent van Gogh, ‘Two Little Girls’ (1890)


Martha Mosko D'Adamo has been an avid follower of her Type O diet for over three decades. Her interests include Jungian psychology, exercise physiology, martial arts, creative writing and poetry. When not spending time with her husband, Peter, daughters, Claudia and Emily, and walking her two dogs, Wyatt and Charlie, Martha is the President/CEO of North American Pharmacal, Inc.

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