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Welcome Autumn!

martha_vendor_dayBy Martha D’Adamo

Happy September…although I have to confess that I feel almost surprised or shocked that it is here. Summer seemed to come and go so quickly, punctuated with many special moments with family and friends and the wonderful ease of summer living.

We have a lot of action this fall! It starts out with the first European IfHI Mini Conference, hosted by Drs. Tom and Jacqueline Greenfield in Canterbury, England. This is occurring 10 years after the first IfHI conference was held, and I believe it heralds a new stage for the training and sharing of information regarding Personalized Living andGenerative Medicine. If you are in Europe or want to cross the pond to join us, check out the conference at: http://www.greenfieldsclinic.co.uk/classes-and-courses/ifhi-uk-conference .

Once we get back, we kick off the launch of the print versions of the Eat Right 4 Your Type cookbooks, which feature fantastic recipes developed by Chef Kristin O’Connor with Dr. Peter D’Adamo for followers of the Blood Type Diet. The recipes are delicious, and the books are beautiful, with luscious pictures of the savory recipes, helpful tips, and weekly meal plans. I’ve been enjoying sampling the recipes, and I’ve found them easy to follow, and they are good for day-to-day food planning as well as for special events. Eating right for your type is more than just following a diet, it’s a lifestyle. But finding the information that you need to “live right” hasn’t been so easy—recipes were in one place, healthy living advice in another, and testimonial stories were spread out across the internet.

We’ve made eating and living right for your type easy for you with the launch of the cookbooks and of our new webzine, Personalized Living. Here, you’ll find daily tips and inspiration, scrumptious recipes, fitness suggestions, and experiential stories from people just like you, who are making the choice to lead a healthier lifestyle. New stories are posted daily, so do drop by and take a look around…we think you’ll like what you see. For a limited time on Personalized Living, you’ll find a discount code for 10% off your order at D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition’s web store. And if you are so inclined, please send us your story, and we’ll find a way to include it in the wonderful pieces that we profile of all the people whose lives have been dramatically enhanced because of their commitment to healthful, right-for-your-type living. Enjoy this month of transition as we move from summer to fall.


Martha Mosko D'Adamo has been an avid follower of her Type O diet for over three decades. Her interests include Jungian psychology, exercise physiology, martial arts, creative writing and poetry. When not spending time with her husband, Peter, daughters, Claudia and Emily, and walking her two dogs, Wyatt and Charlie, Martha is the President/CEO of North American Pharmacal, Inc.

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