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That “Weight-Loss” Shake is Actually Packing It On

2011_AnnBy Ann Quasarano

Over 80% of us can’t tolerate most weight loss products.

Most so-called weight-control shakes are only about limiting calorie intake without taking into consideration your unique biochemical needs. Do you wonder why so many people lose weight, only to gain it back–and then some? Or why many people may lose weight in the face and neck, but remain persistently overweight around the middle? Improper and unhealthy weight loss leads to unbalanced and unhealthy weight distribution.

Genuine weight loss and genuine, lasting health comes from considering how your body interacts with the foods and beverages you consume. Dr. D’Adamo’s pioneering and on-going research confirms that your blood type is the single most important determinant in how your body interacts with the foods you eat and whether those foods cause inflammation, digestive problems, or weight gain for you.

Over 80% of Americans are either type O or A. Wheat and corn by-products are two of the key weight-gaining foods for blood types O and A. Amazingly, most popular “low calorie” diet bars and shakes contain whey and corn-derived ingredients which for blood type O:

  • Inflames your digestive tract lining and interferes with your digestive process, causing bloating
  • Slows down the rate of food metabolism, so you don’t efficiently burn calories for energy
  • Compromises your production of insulin.
  • Upsets your hormonal balance, causing water retention, thyroid disorders and other problems

By simply replacing the key weight-gaining foods in your diet, you can begin not only helping your body lose weight, but also gain more energy.

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