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Personal Trainer Delivers Knockout Results!

2011_AnnBy: Ann Quasarano

For more than 12 years, Michael Knapp has worked with clients that range from everyday folks to professional athletes at his gym in Grand Terrace, California. While he employs traditional exercise methods like weightlifting, cardiovascular training and core strength, he also blends in his knowledge of biomechanics, kinesiology, and blood type science when developing workout programs.

“It really helps to know how clients will react to stress. Knowing a client’s blood type will help me to understand what kind of exercise will help them reach their fitness goals and not get frustrated or stressed out,” explained Knapp.

Knapp put the blood type and stress theory to work when working with his client, Brian Warren, a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter who was training for a championship fight. Knapp said that when he tested him, he was excited to find that Warren was a blood type O.

“If you look at blood type O human being, they are designed as the fighter, the warrior, because of the adrenaline that they produce,” said Knapp. “I built his program with that in mind – explosive exercises, power building and strength training.”

To that high intensity routine, Knapp worked to improve both Warren’s balance and range of motion, so that he would be able to use his body in a greater variety of ways.

Knapp’s dietary recommendations followed Dr. D’Adamo’s blood type program for blood type O, however, Knapp gave it one very interesting tweak. Right before the championship match, Knapp cut the O’s recommended protein out of his diet to provoke an adrenaline response.

“The high ph in the bloodstream irritates the nervous system of type O’s. It puts them in a hyperactive state and the body gets flooded with adrenaline – the O needs to go on the hunt and gets them ready to fight, or attack,” says Knapp, explaining that this is the ideal state for a fighter to be in just before a championship fight.

Knapp says that as he was getting Warren warmed up for the fight, he started “getting short, really testy with me, and I knew that was a good sign. He kept telling me that he needed a steak, and I told him he would get one…after the fight.”

Warren went on to win the championship – the fight lasted a total of one minute and forty-seven seconds. It was the first championship fight that Warren won in his 15 year career as a professional mixed martial artist.

While helping his clients to score knockout bodies, Knapp has had his own health battles to fight. Diagnosed with kidney disease, he has been employing the Blood Type Diet along with an avoidance of genetically modified foods, to help him overcome his health challenges – and he is winning. “I don’t have inflammation, my digestion is so much better, and I recently had blood work to follow up on my kidney disease and I no longer have it. I feel great!”

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