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How to Keep The Weight Off After You’ve Lost It

2011_AnnBy: Ann Quasarano

Losing weight is hard work. There’s no arguing that! But when you step on your scale and see the magic number, or slip into those skinny jeans and button them with ease, you realize that all the work was worth it.  Despite all the hard work, many people do gain back at least some of the weight they’ve lost.  Don’t be one of them – follow our tips for maintaining your healthy weight.

1. Stick with what works:  Continue following your Blood Type, GenoType, or SWAMI diet.  Stick to beneficial and neutral foods and don’t become lax and let avoids come creeping back in. It’s ok to occasionally splurge, but keep it to one item, one day a week.  Soon, the old habits will be broken and you won’t even miss junk food.

2. Keep exercising:  Don’t throw in the towel once you’ve reached your goal.  Switch it up with different forms of exercise that are right for your type – A’s can try cycling along with yoga and Pilates, O’s try adding some kickboxing or Zumba along with running.  Switching up the muscle groups not only fights exercise burnout, it also keeps your metabolism buzzing to help you burn more calories.

3. Weigh yourself weekly:  If you find that the numbers on your scale are inching up and your pants are getting tight, re-evaluate your food and fitness routines.  While it’s normal to go up or down a few pounds, especially for women who tend to retain water during their monthly cycles, an increase of more than a few pounds should signal a re-evaluation of your diet.

4. Avoid old triggers:  Avoid places and situations that make you forego your new, healthy ways.  If you find yourself reaching into a bag of chips or digging into a pint of ice cream while watching TV you may be slipping into old patterns.  Go out for a walk after dinner instead of turning on the TV, take up a busy-hands activity like knitting or embroidery, or play a board game with the kids – anything to break up the routine!

5. Buddy up!: Everything is easier with a friend.  Get an exercise buddy who will help to motivate you and drag you out to the gym when you’d rather be sitting on the couch.  It’s more difficult to say no when you’re accountable to someone else!

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