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Health and Nutrition for Every Stage of a Woman’s Life

2011_AnnBy: Ann Quasarano

Beginning in childhood, good eating and exercise habits build the foundation for health and vitality throughout a woman’s life.


Good nutrition and exercise habits are essential for growth and development. They also help girls feel good about their bodies and set up lifelong habits for healthy living. That said, it’s not always easy. Children are notoriously picky eaters. It takes hard work and commitment, but encouraging good food choices and making sure that kids are getting enough exercise will instill these values in your children. Be a good role model. Your girls will learn habits for nutritious eating and active living by watching you – their most influential teacher. Getting enough calcium is crucial for building strong bones and a children’s mutli-vitamin can help to ensure that your picky eater is getting the nutrients she needs. An Omega fish oil blend is recommended for healthy brain development. Encourage your daughter to engage in a variety of sports – this will allow for muscle, bone and posture development that is well balanced. Upper body strength to support the spine (such as swimming and climbing) and activities that challenge balance (dance, cycling, skating) are particularly good for girls. Supplement suggestions: Exakta – right for all types multi-vitamin/mineral and fish oil blend for ages 6 years +.

Teen Years

Saying that there are some challenges in adolescence is an understatement. Even the girls with the healthiest eating habits can be reduced to a diet of fast food and soda. Balancing school, activities, friends and family can be stressful. There is peer pressure to be thin, and some girls try restrictive diets at a time when their bodies are growing rapidly and need good food to supply their developing body. A young woman’s peak bone mass occurs at age 18, so it’s important to continue taking a calcium supplement with vitamin D to help absorption. In addition, because the incidence of iron deficiency is very high in women in the United States, a supplement containing iron is recommended as well. Calming, centering exercise such as yoga is fantastic for blood type A and AB teen girls – not only does it allow for stress relief, but it strengthens the core muscles and helps to build self-esteem. For your type O daughter, karate or another martial art is a great option – the intense workout helps to calm and bring her into balance, it also is great for building muscle and developing self-confidence. Make sure that your teen daughter is not skipping breakfast. Studies show that most young children eat a complete breakfast, but that number drops dramatically in the teen years. Eating a nutritious breakfast has been conclusively linked to higher test scores and better concentration in school. Ample rest time is also essential for healthy development – teens need lots of sleep! Supplement Suggestions: right-for-her-type Polyvite and Phytocal formulas)

Early Adulthood

We have found that young women develop an interest in health and nutrition that begins during this stage in life. Magazines like Shape and Fitness target this market because they know that young women want to be in great shape physically, but they also want to feel healthy and energetic. This is an ideal time to begin theGenoType Diet – this will ensure that you are eating well, but also you will reprogram your gene responses, repair cellular damage and manage your weight and metabolism. Because weight is often a concern, the best way to remain at your optimal weight is to avoid junk food and sugary foods and stick to your GenoType Diet. Regular exercise keeps you physically and mentally healthy, makes your skin glow and energizes you. Finding an exercise program that works for you is essential as you should continue performing weight bearing exercises to build strong bones, tone muscles and manage the stress that comes with completing college and beginning to build your career. Finally, remember to get your annual check-ups! Make an annual physical with a naturopathic doctor or MD, have a gynecological exam annually and make dental check-ups part of your busy routine. Remember, regular maintenance now can prevent bigger problems later! Supplement Suggestions: The GenoType Multivitamin, Activator, Catalyst and Synergist.

Childbearing Years

All those healthy habits you developed during early adulthood really pay off now! Having re-set your genes through the GenoType Diet, you are in prime shape to start a family and pass along those healthy genes to your baby. During this time, it’s important to make sure you are consuming the recommended amount of folic acid – which helps to prevent certain birth defects. With the increased demands of family, work and everything else you have to squeeze into 24 hours, finding time to exercise is difficult, but it’s essential for maintaining bone strength and preserving cardiovascular health. Cooking for a family can also be a challenge. Being vigilant about getting your recommended allowance of right for your type fruits and vegetables is crucial at this stage of life, in addition to providing healthy nutrients; they’re also filled with fiber and antioxidants. Adding a probiotic to your diet can help with digestive problems and irregularity that is common during this stage of life. In addition to your routine medical exams, you should also be performing monthly breast exams and if you are approaching 40, getting an annual mammogram. Supplement Suggestions: During pregnancy and nursing take Exakta and folic acid. If you are not pregnant, take the GenoType supplements, or right for your typePolyvite, Phytocal and Polyflora.


Menopause can bring some very uncomfortable symptoms for some women – hot flashes, night sweats, and moodiness are but a few. Eating right for your type can help to keep the weight gain that frequently accompanies menopause in check. Maintaining cardiovascular health, bone strength and flexibility are important exercise-related goals for you at this stage of life. Many women find yoga and stretching exercise particularly helpful. It’s gentle on the joints and provides the mind-body connection that helps to relieve irritability. Some herbs have proven effective in helping to alleviate some of the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. Chaste tree berry, black cohosh root and dong quai root are among the most frequently prescribed herbs to relieve menopausal symptoms. Continue to see your doctor for an annual physical and routine blood work and get your mammograms – they can be a life saver! Again, it’s important to continue your supplement regimen of calcium, multivitamins and probiotics. Supplement Suggestions: Dr. D’Adamo’sFEM Balance is a blend of herbs that soothes the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany menopause and Aromastat contains ingredients that help to balance hormones.


Exercises that focus on balance and flexibility should be a fundamental part of your workout routine. Balance is an essential component of fitness, as good balance decreases falls and injuries and helps you to right yourself when you are in an unstable environment. Brain health is also important at this age. As we age, our cognitive function may naturally decrease. Challenge yourself by learning something new – like a second language or a new hobby. Do crossword or Sudoku puzzles to keep your brain sharp. Regular daily activity keeps your heart and muscles strong and being socially involved through group activity simulates your mind and elevates your mood, and keeps you young and vital! Don’t restrict yourself! There are a good number of older women who run marathons, climb mountains and engage in competitive sports – don’t let your chronological age become a barometer of what you can or cannot do! Continue taking your multivitamin, calcium and probiotics, extra B vitamins and fish oil or other cognitive support supplement, such as Attentia can also be helpful at this

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