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GenoType Diet Recipes

Trying to stay compliant to your GenoType diet is particularly trying at lunch time. It can be a real challenge to come up with sandwich and other lunchbox ideas day after day. If you’re tired of the same-old-same-old, try one of these tasty and nourishing recipes for a change of pace. For more inspiration, visitwww.genotypediet.com

Hunter Chicken Sandwich on Grilled Toast

Gatherer Spinach and Tuna Salad

Teacher Black Bean Soup

Explorer Beet, Apple and Pecan Salad

Warrior Egg Salad Sandwich

Nomad Cheddar Broccoli Soup


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Ann Quasarano says:

These are GenoType Diet recipes and it’s suggested to use a bread that’s right for your GenoType – there are many breads that do not include wheat flour (those made with amaranth bread, oat bread, flax bread, etc..). Swami is personalized just for you and you should use that as your guideline – perhaps, you could adapt one of these recipes to fit!