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Eat Like a Supermodel


By Ann Quasarano

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities and models get those fabulous bodies, we’re going to let you in on a little secret… their fitness trainer puts them on the Blood Type Diet®. Personal trainer and fitness expert Justin Gelband works with actors like Josh Duhamel, Topher Grace, Anne Hathaway and most of the Victoria’s Secret catalog and runway models to get their physiques into top condition. The first step, he says, is changing their eating patterns and getting them to eat right for their type.

Gelband, a former competitive swimmer, says he discovered the Blood Type Diet® about 7 years ago when a client, a British DJ who is famous on the international night club circuit, told Gelband that his doctor recommended that he go on the Blood Type Diet®. Gelband decided to give it a try.

“I read the book and started looking at how it works,” Gelband said, “I cut out the avoids, limited the neutrals and loaded up on the beneficial foods. Almost immediately, I had more energy, better digestion, I was leaner and I felt better.”

His own experience prompted him to implement the Blood Type Diet® with “the girls” as he calls them, the models and actresses that he regularly trains.

“I tell them to find out their blood type and buy the book and everyone loves it. They feel better, their skin looks better, they have better digestion and their metabolism gets quicker. Many of them are type O and can’t have dairy or grains – when they cut those out, they feel better.”

Justin Gelband

Justin Gelband

Recently Gelband was interviewed for an article on the website Yahoo.com, where he mentions that his clients, the Victoria’s Secret models, follow the Blood Type Diet®. “I got a lot of flack for it on their message board,” he says, “but I feel like saying to these people, ‘How do you know that it doesn’t work until you try it?’” Good point!

Gelband says he doesn’t believe in diets – he believes in finding the right foods that work with your body. “The thing that I like about this (Eat Right 4 Your Type®) is that there is no diet, it just says – these are the foods that are good for you and work with your body. It’s teaching you to eat properly.”

Learning to eat properly is something that Gelband is passionate about, he says that Americans eat far too much processed food and thinks that restaurant portion sizes are far too large. “How can they expect you to eat properly when they give you such huge portions? How do you rationalize that?”

He says that even the organic restaurant around the corner from his New York City studio is guilty of this. “I asked the chef, ‘Why do you give people such a huge platter of food?’ I don’t want to eat 1,200 calories in one meal. Just eat smaller portions that include a little fat, some protein and good carbs.”

In both exercise and with food, Gelband echos Dr. D’Adamo’s mantra of individuality, “Everyone is different. What’s good for you is not right for the next person.”

Learn more about Justin at his website www.justingelband.com.

Image: Edvard Munch, ‘Model on the Couch’ (1924)

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