A Daily Webzine Celebrating The Wonder Of Individuality & The Blood Type Diet®

  • Protein-packed Quinoa Right for Your TypeApril 30th, 2016

    Get your day started right with an easy recipe for protein packed quinoa right for your blood type with fresh fruit.

  • Chi BreathingApril 28th, 2016

    Chi breathing is based upon the Taoist concept of Chi Gong which represents energy as flowing according to certain routes in your body. Positive release is accessible through refining the breath.

  • Prepare for An Extended Allergy SeasonApril 26th, 2016

    Does it feel like those first allergy symptoms are starting earlier? It could be the result of global warming.

  • Asparagus Right for All Blood TypesApril 23rd, 2016

    Asparagus are in season during the spring.  One of our favorite way to prepare this right for all blood types veggie is to broil them in the oven.  Asparagus is delicious to eat and easy to prepare.

  • Seasonal Allergy Symptoms and the Blood Type DietApril 21st, 2016

    Along with sunshine and warmer temperatures, spring  brings uncomfortable seasonal allergy symptoms – sneezing, watery eyes, and scratchy throats.