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Jan 09 2011

Proper Fingerprinting Technique

If you are using SWAMI software to calculate a client’s genotype, you’re required to secure some key pieces of information, one of which is fingerprint patterns. I have seen people try various methods to obtain fingerprints – using photocopy machines, rubbing carbon pencils over their fingers to transfer the prints to paper, or the old Sherlock Holmes method of closely studying them under a magnifying glass.

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Jan 06 2011

What is SWAMI?

Published by Peter D'Adamo under General Information

SWAMI (Serotyping With Advanced Modifying Inventories) is a sophisticated collection of web-based diet analysis and reporting software program that I’ve written. SWAMI GenoType features an attractive, well-structured user interface. Web-based, so you are always using the latest version of the software. Extensive help and information screens make getting your data into SWAMI GenoType a snap. [...]

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